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5 Tips to Celebrate National Relaxation Day

Relax… It’s a Day for You to Enjoy!


  1. Share your breakfast with nature

    • Wake up, turn on the coffee, get out the skillet, eggs, oj etc, cook. Cleanup.  Sounds like a lot of work if youre one that likes to make a fulfilling breakfast to kick start your day, doesn’t it?  Well try sharing that breakfast with nature.  No, we don’t mean feed the squirrels and birds.  We mean enjoy that healthy, kickstarting breakfast with the sun rising above you.
  2. Skip the shower for an Epsom salt bath!

    • Ever hear the alarm and feel the stress to get up and start your day in a hurry?  You’ve got a lot to accomplish today and to get it all started you need to get clean and get dressed.  Well, don’t stress out by trying to rush a shower.  Wake up 20 minutes earlier and crawl in the warm tub for an Epsom salt bath! Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate which is an anti-stress mineral that relaxes your muscles, improves digestion and provide a boost of positive energy.
  3. Enjoy a DIY at home red wine facial

    • ¼ cup red wine; 2 ¼ tblspn of grapeseed oil, ¼ cupkaolin clay (sold at health food stores) and 1 tbspn organic oat flour (sold at health food stores)
    • The red wine provides antioxidants that fight the sun’s damage to your skin, the oil moisturizes, the clay brings out impurities, and the oat flour exfoliates!
  4. Sip on a cup of yogi bed time tea

    • Time to wind down?  Still can’t get your mind off of all you’ve accomplished today and what lies ahead for tomorrow?  Well remember, that none of this will get done without a good night’s sleep.  Sleep improves memory, can help extend life expectancy, spur creativity as sleeps consolidates memory and reorganizes and restructures moments that you’ve remembered in your braind.  It can create less daytime fatigue and boost stamina.  It can sharpen you attention and even lower stress.  Dieters who are well rested lose more fat because metabolism and sleep are controlled by the same parts of your brain.  
  5. Pamper yourself with an at home pedicure 

    • Get it girl!  Those little tootsies deserve some TLC.  Moisturize and pick out your favorite polish.  There are even new at home gel nail polish sets that don’t require the salon lights but last just as long.  And don’t forget a comfy pair of Oka-B flip flops to really set the mood.  We’ve even got a great discount for you to make sure you have a brand new pair just in time for National Relaxation Day! 

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