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Around the World: Get to Know Oka-B Poland!

Oka-B Polska launched in March of this year and our shoes are already a hit with Polish women! We caught up with Katarzyna Pora, Managing Director, to learn a little bit more about Poland’s fashion philosophy and favorite Oka-B styles.

1. What are some of the biggest fashion trends you’re seeing in Poland?

Though fashion trends in Poland are similar to fashion trends in the rest of Europe, Poland is much more comparable with the Czech Republic, Germany and France than to Eastern Europe. Many Poles tend to buy discounted goods and are driven by promotions as opposed to the second part of Polish shoppers – they tend to buy well-known and elegant but less ostentatious fashion brands with quality and a kind of coolness. In general, the demand for luxury goods continues to grow in Poland.
2. Does the typical Polish woman prioritize fashion or function?

Polish women are very demanding and reasonable. They want to buy products of good quality, fashionable and practical at the same time and also at a good price.
4. What have been some of your best-selling Oka-B shoes?

Between best-selling models are definitely Taylor (in Dove and Blush), Lily (all colors!) and Bella (in Dove).
5. Which is your favorite shoe from the Fall collection?

I like Bella Sapphire very much.

6. Which colors are most popular in your country?

Among Polish customers the most popular are nude colors like blush, crème or dove and of course black.
7. What does the Polish woman like most about Oka-B?

Women most appreciate comfort. Not without significance is the beautiful packaging.

We love getting a glimpse of how Oka-B’s are worn and loved in Poland through the posts on their Facebook page. Here are a few reasons we love our Polish partners!

1. They’re flat fanatics

2. They know how to kick back

3. They also love Fridays!

4. They’re romantic

5. They know how to show off our shoes

6. They don’t shy away from bold fashion choices

7. They’re kind of a big deal

In September of this year, Oka-B Poland was part of the country’s largest clothing and footwear exhibition. The Poznan Fashion Fair brought together about 450 brands, ranging from established clothing companies to innovative new designers. 

Follow Oka-B Polska on Facebook for more Euro-chic shoe inspiration and news from one of our favorite markets!

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