Emery Wedges: From Day to Night

Verbal Gold Blog is back to tell us about her new go-to shoes, the Emery wedges!

I love summertime!  Hot summer days when the sun is shining are my favorite. There are so many things to outside! Being barefoot in the grass, taking walks in the park, picking strawberries, and visiting sunflower fields are some weekend musts.  Just enjoying being outside soaking up the sun puts a smile on my face.  It makes going back to work during the week pretty hard.  Lucky for me I get to take my lunch breaks outside and stroll around the pretty flowers.  Work day essentials in the summer include a cute sundress and my Oka-B wedges. Usually wedges and work shoes start giving me blisters and hurting the soles of my feet during the day, but Oka-B shoes are so easy to walk in, and the soles feel like cushions, allowing me to walk in them for hours on end.  Plus the peep toe allows your feet to breathe in the hot weather.


Not only can I walk in them all day, but with walking in the grass and dirt, I can easily clean my Oka-Bs.  The jelly material make them so easy to wipe off, clean, and go back to work.  You can even run them under some water and they’re like new!


My favorite are The Emery in color Licorice because I can wear them during the day as casual wedges, then through the evening sine they look great dressy as well. Going from day to night is so easy when you only have to bring one pair of shoes to go from work to happy hour.  These are definitely my new favorite shoes!

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