Festive Summer Look

Hi, it’s Mireille from City Peach! What gal doesn’t love a red shoe?! It’s a wardrobe staple and this is a great one to have in your closet for summer. They are peep toe which is the most flattering and can be worn with pants, shorts, and especially dresses! I LOVE this shoe for the fourth of July because it’s festive and adorable, but not too dressy because I’m sure your activities will involve the outdoors and you are going to need to be able to hold your own! Adding these to your collection is a great idea especially for holidays (think Valentine’s) to go with a midi skirt or tutu for a really fun look.

Today I paired Landon’s with a classic navy striped shirt and some easy skinny jeans for a summer wardrobe basic. I’ve said this so many times before, but I love a jelly shoe. I am able to have really cute shoes and not worry about messing them up if it rains or dirty conditions. I wish I had an Oka-B collection years ago when I lived in NYC because shoes get filthy (and don’t last long) as you walk the streets, and having the option to just spray them down would’ve been a life saver!

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