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Meet the Team at Oka-B: Kate Ianacone, Account Executive

Behind the Brand at Oka-B:


Kate Ianacone, Account Executive 


In the second edition of our Meet the Team series, we’re interviewing account executive extraordinaire, Kate Ianacone.
Kate started at Oka-B in June 2015.  As a member of the sales team, she works diligently to get Oka-B in to retail stores all over the country for you all to shop and enjoy our beautiful shoes.
Get to know a little more about Kate, her favorite Oka-B styles, and the brand evolution!


What is your favorite style the brand has ever created?
The Bella Dove. It is just so feminine, classy and simple but with a bit of pizazz. 

Shop the Bella Dove Here.

What is your favorite Oka-B style this season?
It is tie between the Cokie and the Matea in cherry. The Matea reminds of the classic Jackie O style with the horse bit attachment and bright red color. Both of these can be worn with a dress or jeans, at work or play!

Shop the Cokie Here.  Shop the Matea Here.


How has the brand and product offering evolved over the years?
Oka-B has truly evolved over the years with not only style but with the brand.  I have never seen a brand grow so much, and it is exciting to be a part of it. Our designer, design team and Marketing Director go to extensive lengths coming up with new items and ideas. The design team crafts new foot beds and designs and tests them at length for durability, comfort and style. Our designer goes to Paris and New York to seek out what colors and styles would be perfect for the up and coming season, making sure our customers are wearing the hottest styles. Our marketing director spends endless hours “branding” the image of Oka-B through events, ambassadors, social media and her all over creativity. It is a huge effort and quite a successful one if I may say so. 

What do you love most about working at Oka-B?
Well first and foremost – the people. My co-workers truly make my day better every day. They make me smile and laugh, and each and every one of them will help you at the drop of a hat; it is truly a family atmosphere.
Secondly, I love the brand.  I absolutely love what Oka-B stands for – American made, Earth friendly, coastal living, beauty without pain… it is kind of the perfect shoe for women! I also love being a part of a brand that puts so much heart and effort into growing the brand each season.

What is your favorite vacation spot?
My favorite vacation spot is a hard one. My initial reaction is Italy because my family is from Italy, and I have been obsessed with the country, the food and the culture since I was a kid. On the other hand, one of my favorite places to go is a mountain home with my better half, Robert – to go skiing, eat great food and drink warm wintery drinks by a fire.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?
I would like to consider myself having a more classic style with a touch of trends here and there. I try not to buy what everyone is wearing, but we all know sometimes that is hard. My mentor in fashion is my grandmother Dorothy. She is a tall, elegant, Italian woman who would wear long black pants with a tucked in white button down on the beach and sit there in her big hat. She has more class and style than any fashion icon I know. She taught me never to buy cheap clothes or cheap purses (or anything for that matter). She said to only buy a core amount of true quality items and they will last you for years to come; not to mention, you will look better. She is now 93 and looks gorgeous as ever.  🙂

A little more from Kate…

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