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Oka-B Spring Summer 2015: Styles, Colors and Inspiration Behind the Collection

Spring is the season of renewal and Oka-B is jumping in feet first, launching an array of new shoe styles and colors. What’s new in the Spring Summer 2015 collection?

The Carson Style Collection: Our New Spring Summer Look

We are excited to introduce the Carson, our new T-strap sandal, to the Spring Summer 2015 collection.  Carson’s simple yet elegant design frames your feet beautifully while providing just the right amount of comfort and support.  Available in 13 colors from basic essentials to vibrant fun colors, the style will complement a wide range of outfits from a sassy mini skirt, flowy maxi, to your well-loved weekend jeans.

The Carson styles also come adorned with a variety of jewels and pendants that will elevate your outfit into a fashion statement.

“Developing a t-strap sandal with an adjustable strap was a natural evolution from our current offering,” says Naomi Wakatake, Creative Director. “The Carson styles provide extra support and structure with its adjustable back strap without compromising the easy, carefree spirit that our flips flops and slides embody.  The design is also more suitable for casual business attire and other occasions when an open-back sandals might be too relaxed.”


Ballet Flats in New Styles and Colors

One of our staff favorites, the Nicolette ballet flats are the modern day princess shoes that will not quit on you at midnight. Nicolette is charming and feminine, yet tough and durable. The perfect shoe to get you through a night on the town, even if you get caught in the rain.

Our McKenzie ballet flats for Spring Summer 2015 are a modern interpretation of the bold, pure geometric patterns and colors from the sixties. The simplicity of the circle pendant combined with the energetic colors make McKenzie a very modern and wearable style with any outfit.

New Sandal Styles

The long hard winter has amplified our anticipation for the warm weather. We look forward to putting our furry boots and weatherproof shoes to rest and set our toes free to see the sun.  

For this collection, we have combined new styles along with our all-time favorite styles in new colors. We have carefully curated a mix of sparkle and shine with crystals, metals, stones, and enamels. The styles are modern and clean with a touch of nautical theme for those who can’t wait go to the beach.  

New Slingback Styles

The Brooke slingback is timeless and versatile that warrants a place in every girl’s closet.  A little coquettish and feminine than the Taylor ballet flat, the Brooke style is youthful and light-hearted.  When adorned, this style transforms into a style of elegance and sophistication as you will see in our Spring styles like Tate, Carlton, and Henley.

New Colors

We took cues from nature to develop soft, romantic colors for Spring:  Lilac, Mint, Watermelon, Poppy, Crème, Latte, and Mist.  Cool and refreshing, subtle and charming, this new palette conveys a timeless sense of happiness.

Warm up your spring wardrobe with styles and colors from our new collection.  Adding a sparkle or a splash of color to your feet will sure to put a spring in your step!

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