Summer Pop of Color

Morgan from Pampers & Pearls is back to show us how to add a pop of color to your outfit with the Taylor ballet flats!

Oka-B is inspired by wanderlust and coastal charm. Living both on the St. Johns River and near the Atlantic Ocean is amazing, and the beauty and warm weather always inspires me to wear a pop of color with my outfits.  Whether it’s my jewelry, a purse, or in this case my shoes, I love adding something bright, cheery and classically coastal to the look. This past weekend we celebrated my Father-in-law with a surprise Birthday party and these princess pink Taylor flats were the perfect addition to my outfit.  As usual they were incredibly comfortable, but I got a ton of compliments on them, and they gave my outfit that perfect pop of color that always makes me feel good!

Morgan is the Life + Style Blogger behind Pampers & Pearls where she writes about all things fancy & functional that will save your time, money & sanity. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida and as an educator, wife, and mother is constantly trying to find the right balance between Haute Couture & “Hot Mess”, but gets immense happiness out of savvy shopping, fresh manicures, double-fisting margaritas, and snuggling with her son & husband. 

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