Zara: The Everyday Shoe

Hi! It’s Mireille again from City Peach! Lately my life is consumed with my kids and trying to get out of the house with them since there’s beautiful weather. I am loving this everyday sandal that makes an outfit look put together. The hardware and color dress up my jeans and casual striped tee, making this outfit look classic and effortless. I literally wear this sandal everywhere now that the weather is getting hot, and it pretty much goes with every outfit. I wore this outfit today while taking my kids on a morning outing, and my son spilled grape popsicle all over my feet. I could just wash it right off instead of either changing shoes, worrying about having another pair, or walking around with purple sticky feet all day… major mom win.

I will be pairing these with dresses since they are perfect for dressy occasions as well and taking them to the beach next month. Since they have a closure back, I can run around and chase my 2 year old, but I really love that all my Oka-B shoes fit my arch as well. They are definitely my go-to shoe for this Spring!

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